Charrette Success

For the past week, all of the freshmen in the school of design have been hard at work creating projects that can be relational on the body and off the body. This charrette, meaning an intense period of design, made us freshmen think outside the box to create interesting and thought provoking models.

For my group, we decided to make a helmet that could also function as a basket off of the body. We inspired our design around a native american basket weaving, meaning peace, that we wove on the inside of the basket and juxtaposed this with army camouflage creating motifs of war. We titled our project “Protecting Peace” since the military is responsible for keeping countries safe, therefore place the weaving of peace on the interior shows that the external military is protecting it. We were really proud of our project and in the process became really good friends! Here’s pictures of our helmet/basket below:

Final on body.png          Final off body.png