Post #4: Twitter Evaluation

I’m hoping you, the readers, find this week’s assigned blog post to be a little less formal and more fun. As the title suggests, I had to evaluate a twitter account: big surprise. Now I don’t have a twitter, but instead I picked a celebrity’s twitter to browse through and look at their past tweets over the course of a week, and who better a celebrity to pick than Ryan Reynolds. In case you don’t know, Ryan Reynolds has quite a reputation of being hilarious on twitter, so I thought this would be the perfect time to browse through his tweets. In the past week, Reynolds has published a total of 11 tweets with 5 of them being responses to fans or other people on twitter. Right away, I noticed that the tweets he publishes can be divided into two categorizes:  sarcastic comments/dark humor and jokes and responses to weird people on twitter.

Despite the fact that twitter only allows the person writing a tweet 140 characters, Ryan Reynolds does an excellent job at conveying sarcastic and humorous jokes. To quote one of them, Reynolds wrote on September 11th, “I’m making an oil painting of my sister, Sarah. And it’s more difficult than I thought because I don’t have a sister”. It’s tweets like this that give his followers a little chuckle and provide them with some humor for their day.

The second thing that is most commonly seen on Ryan Reynolds’ twitter is responses to tweets from people. However, while some of these responses are fun like when when someone tweeted “anyone else suck at parenting today?” and he responded with “Nah. Nailed it”, some have rather explicit requests, and for the sake of this blog I wouldn’t quote any. Regardless, all of his responses are in some way funny, entertaining for others, and overall handled very well. If one was to look at his twitter past a week and see some of his older tweets, it is evident that his combination of sarcasm and dark humor laces through all of them. So if you have a few minutes on hand, I recommend checking it out to get a few laughs. One thing is for sure: Ryan Reynolds knows how to use those 140 characters wisely.