A letter to my best friend

Hi. How are you?

It’s crazy to think that just a year ago we were working our asses off with college applications, the start of VE, the craziness of option II, and life in general. A year ago we saw each other every single day, and it was like that for the last four years… and now we are about 4 hours away from each other in two different states.

I just wanted to say that even though we don’t get to talk as much, rant as much, or see as much of each other, you still make me happy. Whenever I get a message or snapchat from you I get happy, knowing that you took time out of your hectic schedule to reach out to me. For this blog I have been posting things that make me happy in order to get me to the end of the semester, and I think you are very deserving to be on this list of happy things.

I can’t wait until I get to see you over winter break, and I hope we can hang out a bunch and catch up on all the crazy things that have happened since starting college. I wish you all the best with all your final exams and projects. Though I miss you, I know that you are doing amazing things in college and that as soon as we get hope we will be able to hang out just like old times. Thank you for making every one of my days that much happier by being my best friend. So it goes.

Love you! 🙂


My World

I’m starting off day one of my happiness journey with something that I have mentioned several times before on my blog and that I feel very strongly for: color guard.

Color guard has been my world since the end of my freshman year of high school. I fell in love with the amazing sport as soon as I joined. I loved being able to push myself to do such amazing and beautiful things that I never thought I could ever do. Color guard has taught me determination, persistence, discipline, and precision that has translated to my everyday life. I love the atmosphere of getting to work with my friends to put together amazing shows that move audiences.

Though I encountered a lot of adversity last year when I tore my ACL and meniscus and had to get surgery three weeks before our winter season ended. I am so happy that I have had the experiences I have had with my team, my family. I wouldn’t trade the time I spent with them for anything and I desperately wish to get back out there. I hope to sometime soon participate in a summer marching band and/or an independent winterguard to get back to spinning and doing what I love. I can’t wait to see my teammates, my friends, and my staff over winter break and hopefully attend some practices.

Getting to spin and perform for giant audiences has been one of the most memorable and happiest things I have ever participated in.


Post #15: Reaction to presentation day 1

Now that everyone in the class has done research on their chosen discourse community, we have begun presenting our ideas to the class via a presentation called an artifact gallery. For this artifact gallery we picked four or five different genres from our community and talked about how these genres relate to our community and what purpose it serves. With my chosen community of WGI, I showed images of a score recap sheet, a newsletter, a flyer, part of their website and their program book from the 2016 world championships. I think that my presentation went very well, and I think that there will be a lot of material I can work with when it comes time to write my report in the following weeks.

As for the presentations from the rest of the class, I thought that everyone did a very good job as well. I noticed that everyone seemed to have put a lot of thought into their chosen community and did a good job researching different genres that they could incorporate into their final report. I liked how a lot of my classmates chose a community that they are a part of or feel passionate about. By doing this, I felt that in their presentations they were much more interested in the topic and were therefore able to speak more passionately and freely about what their plans are for tackling the community project.

I think it is important for us to choose a community that we are a part of or have some connection with. Not only will this make it easier for us to research information about it, but it will make the overall writing process easier. I’m interested in seeing how this project comes out in the end, and I hope that by choosing a community that I love being a part of, the writing process won’t be as difficult.

Post #14: Community decision

From the second my writing 105 teacher announced our next project for our new section on community, I knew exactly what community I was going to write about.

Now that we have moved in to our third unit of writing 105, we have begun examining what is means to be part of a community.We have read articles, down activities in class, and discussed criteria, now it is time for the project. For this project, we will be selecting one community to examine and go in depth on their goals, lexis (or language that they use) and genres. In the end we will be able to construct an eight pages project surrounding this community and how it functions. With this in mind I know exactly the community I wanted to tackle for this project: color guard.

More specifically, I chose to propose that I research the WGI, or Winter Guard International, community which is the organization that all well known winter guards are part of. For three years of high school, I participated in this amazing community on an amazing team that taught me things about discipline and hard work that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Though I am still considered part of the community now since I was a member of a team that participated through WGI, I miss being out on the floor spinning my heart out and giving it my all. Naturally, with my love for this amazing sport, I chose WGI as my community since my experience with winter guard has shaped so much of who I am today. I hope that in the future, whether it is a marching band over the summer or an independent winter guard next winter, I will get back out on that floor and shine under those bright lights again!

Here’s a picture of my rocking my solo last year:)


Memories to come

Over the weekend I had my first visit from my dad! On Saturday he took me out to lunch and I got to meet several of his friends from college when all of us met up to go to the homecoming game.

In the evening, we all went out to dinner as the five of them reminisced over the good old days and I heard some stories that I probably shouldn’t have. Sunday we went to varsity for pizza and my dad took we to a park where I could spin for a little (since I haven’t been able to toss on my rifle and sabre since I’ve been here). I have definitely missed being able to spin and dance out on that field with all my friends.

Overall the weekend was pretty amazing. Hearing about all the fun that my dad and his friends had when they went to school here made me excited for the memories I could make with the friends I’ve already made here. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be coming back here with my friends for homecoming weekend and we’ll get together to go down memory lane. Here’s to the next four years of memories to come.