From Needles to Nails

So far this year my primary focus has been on work on the 7th floor of the warehouse for my chosen major of fashion design. However, that changed today.

In my design 101 class I am now beginning to work in the wood and plastic shops, which means my new tools are going to become sanders and saws rather than sewing machines and sergers. For our first project we have been partnered off and the person in the plastic shop will create an object that is relational to the body (similar to the charrette project I talked about in an earlier post) and the person in the wood shop will create a stand for that object. I have been chosen as the wood maker for this project and will therefore be creating a stand for my partner’s object. He is thinking of creating a piece that engages the chin and then attaches to the wearer’s ears, while I am thinking of creating a “U” shaped stand to mimic the curvature of a chin.

Thankfully, the last two classes our professor has given us an in-depth tour of the tools in the shop and how to be safe while operating them. Today, was the first time we got to try cutting on the table saw. After we were cleaning up he asked me if I was in Industrial Design or Comm Design and was surprised when I said I was in fashion. He then told me that he was very impressed by the confidence I expressed in operating the machinery. I was very flattered by the compliment and I hope that I will be able to continue with that confidence as I move forward in my wood project:)


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