Post #14: Community decision

From the second my writing 105 teacher announced our next project for our new section on community, I knew exactly what community I was going to write about.

Now that we have moved in to our third unit of writing 105, we have begun examining what is means to be part of a community.We have read articles, down activities in class, and discussed criteria, now it is time for the project. For this project, we will be selecting one community to examine and go in depth on their goals, lexis (or language that they use) and genres. In the end we will be able to construct an eight pages project surrounding this community and how it functions. With this in mind I know exactly the community I wanted to tackle for this project: color guard.

More specifically, I chose to propose that I research the WGI, or Winter Guard International, community which is the organization that all well known winter guards are part of. For three years of high school, I participated in this amazing community on an amazing team that taught me things about discipline and hard work that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Though I am still considered part of the community now since I was a member of a team that participated through WGI, I miss being out on the floor spinning my heart out and giving it my all. Naturally, with my love for this amazing sport, I chose WGI as my community since my experience with winter guard has shaped so much of who I am today. I hope that in the future, whether it is a marching band over the summer or an independent winter guard next winter, I will get back out on that floor and shine under those bright lights again!

Here’s a picture of my rocking my solo last year:)



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