Essay Reflection

Second essay of college down, many more to go. After submitting my Digital Literacy Narrative, which I shared pieces of in my last post, I got to meet up with some of the other students in my class to see how their experiences faired to mine. Overall, we seemed to agree that once we got started writing the essay it was easy to get our ideas flowing and finish the essay. One of my classmates, Bella, said that, “I didn’t think the essay was that bad; I found that once I started writing it was easy to finish.”

One of the things we talked about was the process of writing the essay. Brandon said that, “The hybrid really helped me out because my outline was really short bullet points and the hybrid maybe it easier for me to transition to the draft.” However, I disagreed with him on this point. When I made my outline, I had already mapped out a lot of what I was going to say so by the time I got to the hybrid there wasn’t really a need to add a whole lot. Despite this I can still see where he comes from.

Someone i connected to was Brian who said “I had trouble going over the page limit so I had to rearrange pictures to fit space.” I too had the problem of going over the page limit in my final draft and therefore had to figure out a way to get the paper to five pages while also keeping the details and pictures I had included in the essay. As a whole though, my group mates and I all thought that this essay was not as bad as we thought it was going to be. Hopefully that feeling continues as we move throughout the semester on to different essay topics.


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