Post #3: Ideas from “Revisualizing Composition”

The most recent article that I read for my WRT 105 class was titled “Revisualizing Composition: Mapping the writing lives of first-year college students” written by Jeff Grabill. The main purpose of the article was to explain the findings of a study conducted to calculate what writing habits are most common amongst freshman in college. My purpose for reading it was to find information from this article that I thought could be useful in an upcoming essay I will be writing about my own writing habits.

Upon reading the article, the author makes it clearly known that the most common forms of writing in freshman are text messages, emails, academic papers and lecture notes. I connected immediately with this statement, for text messages and notes are probably my most frequent form of writing. The author even quoted that “78% [of students polled] said that texting was one of the five kinds of writing they do most often”. When pulling quotes from this article to use in my essay, I will be sure to remember this quote, as well as others that contain statistics on the prevalence of texting, since it is probably my most frequent writing practice.

Something that caught my eye while reading was that “97% of participants reported that one of their most valued or most often completed genres was done to fulfill a school assignment”. While I agree with this statement, since almost all of my writing nowadays is done for the purpose of school assignments, it makes me sad that students don’t have time to write creatively on their own time, just for the fun of it. I for one am someone who enjoys writing on my own time, specifically my own short stories or even developments for a potential novel. I wish there was more time for students to write on their own time and not necessarily always be focused on writing for school assignments.

After reading this article, I know for my coming up essay I will carry over the idea of how writing for school is the majority that is done during the average week as well as some statistics on the prevalence of texting. Hopefully, these ideas will be able to incorporate themselves into my assessment of my own writing habits.


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