I’ll show you a marching band

I’ve discovered that I’m not very into watching college football. Last night, my friend and I attended our first college football game. From spending the past three years watching my high school football games, I was able to tell her the main idea of what football was all about, but our team was still losing from the beginning. By the second quarter, almost the entire student section had left with more leaving by the minute.

Once halftime came, I looked forward to the performance of the marching band. As a member of the color guard at my high school for the past three years, I wanted to see how college marching band compared to high school. Sadly, I was disappointed. The band itself played fine, but I critically examined their drill formations and color guard flag work. For some reason it just wasn’t as complicated and entertaining as high school bands were. I found myself missing my teammates and missing performing. However, watching the band gave me a newfound appreciation for the discipline and technique I and 180 students learned, and my overall time spent with the South Brunswick Viking Marching Band*.

We ended up leaving the game early, and even though we didn’t win it’s good to be able to say that we participated in a college tradition. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to basketball season.

*Want to see what I did? Check out the link below to see my marching band’s show from last fall titled “Momentum”. I’m one of the girls spinning the rifles and sabres. I promise you it’s worth a watch.



One thought on “I’ll show you a marching band

  1. S Marie says:

    Your blogs are very entertaining to read, especially the most recent post “I’ll Show You A Marching Band”. Looking forward to your next post!


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