Just your average Friday night…

There’s definitely something to be excited about for the Friday night after the first week of classes. For freshmen at least, the week has been full of meeting new faces, reading through different syllabus’ and trying to maneuver across the campus correctly while not getting lost. So of course, come the weekend everyone wants to just relax for a little.

My idea of a Friday night didn’t involve parties. Instead a few of my friends and I decided to go see the new Star Wars movie that they were playing at the Everson Museum downtown. However, what seemed like a fun idea quickly turned into frustration as we walked around looking for the provided buses and came up short. With the minutes creeping by we soon met other students interesting in attending the movie as well. Some came and went but after a while it remained only myself, my two friends from my fashion class and two film students who were trying to attend the movie to receive extra credit. The five of us started talking and quickly we were making some fun conversation but nevertheless it was getting late and none of us wanted to have to be walking home alone past eleven.

After we all went our separate ways I walked back to my dorm by myself amongst the crowd of people exiting the football game. Despite being near crowds of people I found myself at peace with my thoughts and couldn’t help but look at the night sky. Though light pollution blocked out some of the specks of light scattered across the inky veil of black, I managed to spot several constellations and a few planets. I may have been walking in a crowd of football goers, but while walking and looking at the sky I felt small and insignificant compared to the majesty of space and everything that lies in it.

So my plans might have been a bust that night but from that experience I not only made some new friends, but I was able to just stop for a second and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and appreciate the stars. The natural beauty that surrounds us is something that we sometimes miss due to our busy lives. I say take a few minutes at night and step outside for even just five minutes and take a break to look at the stars, you might just come back with a good story to tell.


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