Post #1: Assessing Mark’s Blog

When first exploring Mark’s blog the purpose of the site is not one hundred percent clear when reading the home page. However, upon looking at the “about” page provided, Mark addresses his main purpose for running his blog and even provides contact information mixed in with some humor.

On the home page, viewers can scroll through different posts he has made regarding his travels and experiences. The first writing piece I previewed was “The Slowest Car on I-90”.  In the beginning of it, I noticed that his tone took on an almost stream of consciousness type of writing with long run on sentences, that packed a lot of information, and a sense of informality. I didn’t know if I cared for this style, but as I continued I found the style to help label to Mark’s personality and create his character in my head. The overall story was not the most interesting thing I’ve ever read (since it mainly just followed his commute to and from Syracuse university), however there were several parts that I enjoyed. Specifically, I liked his explanation for why driving at night is better, where he talked about the moon setting as opposed to the sun setting. Additionally, I enjoyed his recounting of seeing ghosts of his undergraduate years at Syracuse whilst visiting, which I thought was a very good use of imagery.

I read a few more of his pieces and found them full of personality that came through in his stories. The home page was easy to navigate with nice pictures to compliment his stories and it also showed links to his professional works of fiction and travel writing. His “American Hercules” series looked especially interesting to me after following the link and reading a description of it.  I definitely recommend visiting his site!